Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dominos - my saviour

what can i say except dominos have gone gluten free. sounds easy but dominos are the first major fast food place to go gluten free, a sign of the times perhaps. until i discovered dominos i had not had a pizza for 18 months. when i met the delivery guy at my door i almost hugged him - everything happened in slow motion, opened the box, steam and smells escaped hitting my nostrils which i drank in then slid my hand under a piece still hot, watched as the cheese on my piece said farewell to its friends holding hands that couldnt let go then finally release and i shoved that whole thing in my gob the heat in my mouth bearable as the adrenaline overcame any pain and then washed down with a cool cider...peace, love and pizza.

Monday, November 3, 2008

gluten free cbd - burgers

oh whoa is me.

eating gluten free in the cbd,

is an exercise in futility.

well, not anymore, especially if you're into burgers - and lets face it who isnt. grilld is a burger outlet chain which has a new (?) store in QV. I wondered past and discovered they have gluten free buns, and almost fell over, what what what? i was more excited than an apple geek at a steve jobs conference. And for the fickle among the gf flock, the thickner used in the sauce (1422) is gluten free too - i called them to verify :)

the buns must be made of corn flour, as they have a lightish yellow colour, and maintain that elusive "bouncyness" that the evil wheat breads are so proud of. they taste great - i got the "summer sunset" - which means it had, guess what, pineapple - with bacon, avocado and the usual burger stuff. Burger itself was cooked well, and retained some juicyness...fries where good as well, with the herbed mayo, or erbed mayo as the person at the counter with the US accent called it...:)

at ~11 dolleros and 1.5 for the buns, this is not a cheap burger - but worth every cent if you have gone without a burger for aeons like i have :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two men are playing Chess in Royal Arcade, whos winning?

We have a games shop in the city, located in royal arcade Melbourne ( We were working on Sunday and could not help noticing several hundred treasure hunters wearing marathon numbers pinned to their chest, wandering around Melbourne...a few of these folk came into the store and were asking if there were two men playing chess, and to figure out which one is winning!

We knew immediately and pointed to our sign, which is hanging in the front window and depicts Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes playing chess in an amazing lead light frame (looks especially great in the morning when the sun manages to stream through the arcade roof above Cocoa Black).

The actual leadlight window and design was the idea of the previous owners wife who came up with it in the middle of the night - the gave a few rough ideas to a designer (which happened to be her first design job...nice work) and walah, you have an iconic window that's as amazing as ever 30 years on.

So who's winning the chess game? Sherlock Holmes of course (as he reclines back with his pipe in mouth and takes a celebratory puff), hes just put Watson in Check mate!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The best brekky in the world?

woke up on sat morn after my aunties 21st (!) with only a slight reminder of the dehydrating effect of alcohol - phone reminded me of a brekkfast catchup with a friend at 9am (ouch). We both cought the 96 to Mart130 a favourtite of mine for sometime now...and what an experience. you know when you experience something again and again and think, wow, this cannot get any better, then when it does you are reduced to a quite awe and you need some personal time alone with your meal? The Eggs number 3 did it for me...and they didnt bat an eye lid when i enquired about any gluten free options for the toast (im special)....good times, and i soon forgot about any headache from the night before :)

P.S This is technically out of the "golden square" of the CBD, but we make exceptions for good bacon and eggs!

Synching quantities

Managed to work out how to synch quantities between our POS system and the online store. Its a manual task to execute the script ATM, but will be adding this to a cron task is the next step. Getting there.

Launch of new site

Finally migrated the old games shop website to the new open source platform Magento (can see here at Man, I love magento :) I just now need to keep content updated, not an easy task with several new products a week and each product requireing a description and decent how do I automate that??